Licensed Full Day Educational Program

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Located Central North Nanaimo (license # KRIS-AFZ25W)

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The Learning Train is owned and operated by a certified Elementary School Teacher/certified Early Childhood Educator, with over a decade of combined hands on experience. She obtained her Bachelor's of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a minor in Early Childhood Development.

Assisting her each day, her husband, is a student of the Early Childhood Assistant program, with a vast educational background in Business, Project Management and Engineering as well as extensive volunteering in elementary classrooms and for children's charities. Having both individuals present at all times, as a team, means that your child will be receiving twice as much attention from centres that allocate only one educator.

Our full day educational learning experience is a structured organized daily routine where the children are provided the opportunity to learn early phonics, develop sensory skills, basic math and number recognition, positive peer interaction and several other introductory educational experiences. With our small group size we are able to focus on developing your child's individual learning abilities and skills through a variety of guided and free play activities.




Our vision is to see your child move on from our educational program with basic learning essentials, confidence and self esteem to have an easier transition into the school systems.

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