Mission Statement                                   


Our committed goal at The Learning Train is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating educational environment where you child has the opportunity to:

Develop healthy peer interactions and friendships

Become comfortable and confident to follow educational daily scheduled routines and activities

Investigate their creative interests and expand on the inquiries.

Children learn through hands-on, sensory experiences with positive reinforcements. They look at the world as a place filled with wondrous new things to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. In the classroom, children have various hands-on learning opportunities to experience these senses.

Essential to learning, particularly to the development of intellectual qualities such as originality and creativity; is self-esteem. A child's confidence is essential to their personal, intellectual, and independent growth. We provide an opportunity to succeed and become more confident in their daily routine, peer interaction and individual learning. As the child passes through this milestone of learning, they will become more confident which raises ones self-esteem.

Continual improvement is our approach to expanding, updating and introducing new innovations to create the most ideal environment for your children. We attend a minimum of 20 hrs per year to keep up to date with new learning practices as well as refine our current skills and knowledge.