Our Team

The Learning Train is owned and operated by a certified elementary school teacher/early childhood educator, with her Bachelor's of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a minor in Early Childhood Development. During her decade of experience she primarily focused on the lower grades, kindergarten to grade 3. It is with these experiences that she recognizes the importance of understanding individual learning needs and creating a positive and caring teacher student relationship that is based on mutual respect, understanding and trust.

She received her Early Childhood Educator designation while working throughout university, and continuing on working with young children in her free time, even after obtaining her Bachelors of Education.

Her assistant/husband, is currently working towards his Early Childhood Educator designation after 20 years of working in Alberta, primarily in the oil and gas sector. During his career he obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, completed various certificate programs in business and management through Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). He also spent extensive time working with young children (primarily grade 1) as a volunteer in the classroom and organized events/volunteered with various youth organizations/charities. 

We work as a team to ensure our business runs smoothly and our customers are satisfied with our service. We achieve this by working together and incorporating our strengths and knowledge we have obtained through our previous career paths. both sets of skills and knowledge within our company.

Staff Requirements

Each staff member enters with an Associate Degree (Certificate) in Early Childhood Education, Bachelors degree in Child Development, B.Ed in Elementary or combined experience and education that support their abilities to work with children.

Each staff member is fully trained in CPR First Aid - (covers adults, toddlers and babies)

Each staff member has Fire Extinguisher Training

Each staff member must complete and submit a criminal record check

As we look to expand in the near future, we will pride ourselves on seeking out only the best child development professionals in the area. Our staff will be handpicked for their love of children, educational background, and ability to understand and adhere to our centre’s philosophy.