Program Outline

The Learning Train Childcare services are designed to provide an environment that will support and enrich a child’s early phonics development and positive peer interaction. Ages of acceptance are children 12 months to Kindergarten. The program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, with the exception of statutory holidays and other important dates.

The Learning Train Educational Daycare Provides:

Multiple Structured Centres

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Early Developmental Phonics Activities and Counting

Socialization and Friendships

Community Education

Circle Time

Discovery of Music and Dance

Arts and Crafts

Exploring Sensory Activities

Cooperative and Independent Play Experiences


Children's Resources

Through our program at The Learning Train, the following activities will be provided to to help encourage positive play, explore their interests and stimulate your child's early learning development.


Resources Include:

Reading Corner

Word Wall

Show and Share

Calendar and Weather

Circle Time

Early Learning Workbooks

Interactive Technology (educational tablets)

Early Learning Manipulative

Interactive Kitchen, Store and Table Set


Markers, Crayons and Crafts



Puppet Theater

Outdoor Play Activities (Houses, Cars, Basketball Hoops,

Assorted Balls, Boat etc)