Requirements for Successful Enrollment

  • Age of 12 months to Kindergarten.
  • Toilet Trained is defined as follows: Consistently and independently able to use the washroom facility without ques or reminders. The child is able to recognize when he/she needs to use the washroom and is able to do so without having accidents during the day or during nap time. The occasional toilet accidents do happen and we will deal with it in a supportive and respectful way.
  • Successful enrollment is determined during meet and greet and/or trial period.
  • Morning snack and a ready-made lunch to be provided by parents. The Learning Train will provide a healthy afternoon snack.
  • Parents/guardians to provide both pick up and drop off of your child


  • School supplies required:

Headphones (labeled in ziploc bag)

Sunscreen and Bug Spray (labeled in ziploc bag)

Appropriate Indoor Running Shoes

Extra Change of Clothes (labeled in ziploc bag)

Water Bottle (labeled)


Lunch kit

    **Additional items as applicable:

Diapers/pull ups (labeled)

Container of wipes (labeled)

3 Bibs (labeled)

Milk bottles for the day - complete with formula/milk (labeled)

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